#1 - BSOGM *cue keyboard intro*

June 20, 2018

An old guy, and a slightly less old guy, scraping up the subterranean metal bands of the 80s and 90s (mostly). Talking trash about how much cooler they are then the mainstream stuff that like, pretty much only a small section of the metal listening population cares about.  It's bull roar old guy metal.  BSOGM.  You know exactly what we mean when we say it.  Look into Chaly's green eyes.  Bobby Blitz, please come on the podcast.  Hosted by @johnserba and @DAMIANMASTER.

#2 - The (alternate reality) Big 4 of Thrash

June 20, 2018

We're not talking about Kirk and co., Kerry and the Capitalists, Scotty Two-Riff, and Megadave... no no no. This is planet BSOGM.  On this alernate reality planet, we have a different set of bands for the Big 4.  Overkill, Testament, Exodus... and an argument over the contentious fourth spot.

#3 - Celtic Frost

June 20, 2018

@johnserba and @DAMIANMASTER talk for a v long time about the greatest thing to ever come out of Switzerland except for Rolex, chocolate, army knives, anonymous banking, and wartime neutrality.  

#4 - Voivod

June 20, 2018

Piggy, Blacky, Away and Snake: the greatest lineup in heavy metal history.  No weak links.  Sorry to E-Force and Jasonic, and whatever the new guys are named.  I think one guy is named Chewy? 

#5 - The BSOGM Doom Special

July 2, 2018

The podcast is cloaked in despair and misery as the hosts list their all-time top five BSOGM doom bands that don’t feature thee lorde Tony Iommi. Candlemass, Crowbar, Cathedral and a couple other bands that don’t start with “C” get hefty shout-outs. And @johnserba finally gets an opportunity to bore @DAMIANMASTER to death with endless blather about one of his favorite forgotten BSOGM bands, Solitude Aeturnus. Woe. Woe woe woe.  (also yeah the audio sucks, and I'm working on it... episode 7 will be better i'm figuring shit out please get off my dick - Damian)

#6 - Sabbat vs. Sabbat

July 15, 2018

Two BSOGM bands had the balls to name themselves Sabbat, so your intrepid hosts staged an asinine debate as to which is better. @DAMIANMASTER stumps for the sonically primitive Japanese Venom worshippers boasting a massive discography and a thing for leather diapers. @johnserba backs the articulate U.K. thrash wyrdos (that’s not a typo, thanks) with approximately 2.47 albums and a thing for Satanic fairies. TWO SABBATS ENTER, ONE SABBAT LEAVES. In theory, at least.

#7 - Non-Ozzy Sabbath

August 1, 2018

Oh, Tony Martin. This week, the BSOGM boys engage in their most heated debate yet during an arduous journey into the hoary deeps of the non-Ozzy Black Sabbath discography. Then, they rank the albums, because it’s the kind of pointlessly argumentative thing hopeless hetpengers do. After some inevitable Dio worship, and nearly coming to blows over “Tyr,” @DAMIANMASTER shares his highly controversial list, and @johnserba nearly quits the podcast in disgust and chucks himself into the nearest rubbish bin.

SURPRISE! We went to see Slayer.

August 8, 2018

howdy pardners - We went to a show on the Slayer farewell tour.  Napalm Death, Testament, Anthrax, and Lame of God (lololll) were the openers.  And then Slayer played.  It was cool, kinda sad, but not in a sad way.  Sometimes it was sad in a sad way during the show, but we talk about it.  Just listen.  Gary Holt also dropped his guitar doing a whammy bar trick and I forgot to mention it, but that was awesome.  Having guitar techs must be nice.  

#8 - Mercyful Fate

August 15, 2018

This week, the blathering ’banger brothers draw a pentagram on the floor, light candles at the points and sacrifice two poodles and nine bottles of High Life to the horn-ed gods of metal for an episode about Denner, Shermann, Diamond and sometimes Wead: MERCYFUL FATE. @DAMIANMASTER and @johnserba burned some oils and spread around some gypsy cloths (they hit Costco before the recording session) in an attempt to summon the Satanic essence of one of the all-time underground greats. And of course, they disagree about whether “Melissa” or “Don’t Break the Oath” is better. They’re both right, right? Right.

Mailbag Q&A, Volume 1

September 4, 2018

A few of you sick, twisted people who devote earbud time to us liked us so much, or had quarrel to the point of writing in to ask questions.  Rather than eat up precious time on a regular epidsode (Which of course, as you know is a tight ship.), we decided to answer these questions here.  We talk about how much Six Feet Deep and Angel Corpse mean to Serba.  He said they're very important bands to him or something equally preposertous and hilarious. Send in your questions to @DAMIANMASTER or @johnserba on Twitter, or BSOGMpodcast@gmail.com.  Serba can also be reached on facebook, and I cannot be.  I reject your friend request.  I deny your existence. I hate you eternally and wish you ill.  Please support us on Patreon.